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Yeong Hana Empty Yeong Hana

on Sun Aug 19, 2018 8:56 am
Name: Yeong Hana
Ring Name(s): Diva, The Game
Nicknames: Hana
Age: 20
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 131 lbs


Alignment: Tweener with a heel lean
Nationality: Korean

Wrestling Style: Kicks, scissors, and sits

Strategy: A bit of a case of an "incomplete" competitor, Hana is quite lithe, athletic, and talented, but she has not really molded herself into a fighter that can take advantage of all of these traits. In fact, most of her strategy is to use her strong legs to kick opponents to the mat, then she simply wants to render them completely immobile either between her legs or beneath her.

Favored/Signature Moves:

Finishing Move/s:
Meka Bounce:

Personality: A true diva, Hana believes that the world belongs to her. Of course, she is not quite so self-centered that she believes everything should be handed to her; she simply has a great sense of pride that ensures that she wants to show off her gifts and gain the worship of the fans at any and every opportunity. Her own best hype-woman, she does not let any opportunity pass to let people know just how she feels about everything, and she has never met a stranger nor a crowd she would not stand in front of and strut her stuff.

Saucy and outgoing when things are going her way, when they are not...Hana lets everyone know it. A lot of people can find her appealing for her charisma (and her beauty, of course), but no one wants to end up on her bad side. She does not forget it when she is crossed, and she can be vicious and mocking with her enemies if she can get her hands on them for her vengeance. Everyone in the world will know about those who are closest to her because in the midst of all her bragging about herself, she will brag about them, as well. However, so will everyone in the world know about her enemies. Blackmail is not off-limits.

She is the truest competitor and showwoman, as likely to throw her controller across the room losing at Mario Kart as she is to seek an opportunity for a photoshoot in a bikini. Having been ignored at times by her parents, some of this is in response to an avoidance of being lonely. She even streams in her free time if she feels like she will be alone for hours, because she doesn't quite like being out of the limelight for any period of time. For this reason, she is very clingy...and not just with her wrestling moves.  

History: With two exceedingly rich parents, Hana was...left to her own devices, more often than not, as they dealt with business. In a fancy school, with all the extracurricular activities there were to be found, she bounced around between them to try and entertain herself before she settled on...video games. Rich enough that some of the other (less) rich students resented her for it and considered odd because she placed her games above nearly everything else aside from a few other hobbies that kept her in shape and looking good, Hana spent many a day in her late childhood entertaining herself by destroying random people online in her games...and befriending a few.

Highly intelligent, when this life started to get in the way of her grades, her parents stepped in and try to put a stop to it. Not realizing how dependent she had become on having something to constantly do, Hana got a bit on the destructive side...to the tune of some criminal interactions with a bad group of friends she lept into when they seemed ready to accept her. Eventually, she decided that her best bet was to just take some money from her parents and strike out on her own. She never quite went through with her heist, but the damage was done when another break-in incident got her in trouble with the law.

Her worst nightmare was to be left in what was essentially house arrest with her parents, and they only partially relented on their rules about her gaming. But Hana had grown crafty, and she snuck her way to gaming opportunities and started streaming as her way to make money and get away from her parents. She hadn't lost an ounce of her gaming talents...and eventually the cat was out of the bag when she received from interest from one of Korea's many gaming organizations to become competitive.

Thumbing her nose at her parents, she quickly left to do so and absolutely thrived in the limelight for nearly two years. Unfortunately, however, a constant hounding from her parents and the fact that her team couldn't quite put up with her self-centered attitude dragged her away from gaming. A pouting Hana got an apartment with her earnings and went back to streaming.

With several of her mods pointing out that she should probably work out some anger issues, Hana finally convinced herself to go for martial arts training. And...she loved it. Becoming as enamored in the combat sports as she was her gaming, Hana obsessed over the opportunity to look better than other fighters and the huge fanfare that, not martial artists, but wrestlers received when they were successful.

Rushing through some brief training, Hana disregarded that she could have learned much more and put her name forward for AFW, in nearby Japan. With enough skills to impress, a style that they wanted more of, and enough looks and spunk to carry her the rest of the way, they signed her on.
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