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Tonia Bransen  Empty Tonia Bransen

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Name: Tonia Bransen
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 138 lbs
Hair: Black, dyed silver-white
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: American with Japanese background

Body Type: Long legs; wide hips; slender upper body; lots of soft and subtle muscle tone but thick, strong legs


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> Endurance: 3* - Mentally tough but cannot take many hits.
> Strength: 3* - Her lower half is gymnast strong, but her upper half, not so much.
> Speed: 4* - Fleet of foot and agile.

> Defense: 2* - Doesn't know what to do when someone with skill fights back.
> Technique: 2* - Doesn't know many moves at all since one trick always worked in the bar.
> Strikes: 3* - She has very strong legs for kicks but no martial training.
> Submissions: 5* - Her scissorholds hurt like hell, and she is flexible enough to do a bunch of painful, bending holds.
> Powerhouse: 2* - Can lift women smaller than her but doesn't know powerhouse technique.
> Aerials: 2* - Can fly easily off the ropes since she's athletic but does not prefer to.
> Counters: 2* - Will be kicking and squirming her way out of most holds.

Wrestling Information:

Entrance Music: Machine Head - Catharsis - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYeDJxWvA_I

Strategy: Having mostly tried to take people down in her bar and shut them up the quick way, most of what Tonia knows about fighting and wrestling involves using her strong legs to kick or shove someone to the ground and then wrap them around the person. She does not complicate things greatly. If she can get the person onto their backs with her agility and kicks, she wants to simply mount them, scissor them, and keep them beneath her and fighting to get up.

Preferred Matches: Believes she would try most anything.

Preferred/Signature Moves:
> Kicks: Mentioned before, but Tonia is very spry and agile and uses that agility to deliver very sharp and brutal high kicks.
> Scissorholds: With very strong legs, Tonia has kept men 200 pounds heavier at bay by wrapping her legs around them and grinding them into submission.
> Schoolgirl Pins and Facesitting: Tonia has stopped as many wild patrons by just pinning them as she has scissoring them, especially when they were drunk enough. The more sober ones got sat on, and with a revered, powerful rear and thighs, it is hard to get her off.

> Last Word: With the encouragement of the rest at the bar, named after one of the popular drinks. A very simple move where Tonia secures a headscissors on a victim from an angle that puts her thigh over the entirety of their mouths to silence and smother them with it. Tonia can apply it from a variety of positions.
> Widow's Kiss: Another drink. Tonia catches an opponent between her legs in some way by leaping up or finding their head with her legs while on the ground. She mounts them and sits on them in a forward facesit and also extends their arm into a mounted armbar so their arm is punished to go along with the smother.

Personal Information

Never knowing her real parents, Tonia was brought up in an orphanage local to Tokyo and did do well for several years. Some quality caretakers convinced her to go out for gymnastics, and Tonia was successful enough that she was considered as maybe having a future in it. The shut-down of this orphanage and Tonia's move to a larger one in a less pleasant part of the city put an end to her drive towards this, though. Not fitting in as well with the unique interests she had such as her gothic fashion and heavy metal, Tonia became a distant young woman at first and then one who would fight the other orphans.

She did settle down in her later teens, but a few too many bridges had been burned. She decided she would take care of herself and quickly found herself a job at a local bar as a waitress at first. Working at a high-class joint at first, Tonia was let go the moment she responded to a despicable patron by grabbing him and pinning him to the floor. It took her a few months to get away from the incident, and she took a similar job at another, lower-paying bar not far from the headquarters of the League of Anime Wrestling.

Acting her best for a few months, she ignored some scuffles in the bar while she waitressed. When she turned 21, she was allowed to start keeping the bar on certain nights at first, and then to run it herself every night when she proved she was good at it. She continued to keep her composure when there was trouble.

One night, the dam broke. With an oversized man trying to drug his date, Tonia kicked him over the bar and put him out between her legs. She was sure she would be fired, but instead of being punished, she was left untouched. So she continued, taking out a lecherous man here, and a bitchy woman there. It became a common but fun sight to see her dragging someone to the floor and leaving them to writhe beneath her.

Someone finally came and brought it up to her that she should join the AFW. She has been uncertainly thinking on the matter, but finally deciding the money and chance to release some tension is worth it, she has tried out.

Personality: Tonia is often very cool and focused, rarely getting too high or two low. When her temper flares, she continues to appear totally in control. With an unpleasant background that made her this way, she is mostly like this to hide some turmoil beneath the surface that she tempers through her bar scuffles or other chances that she finds to wrestle with someone.

Alignment: Mostly heel


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