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Angela Mercier Empty Angela Mercier

on Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:00 am

Name: Angela Mercier
Ring Names: Angel
Age: 28
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 164 lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Swiss

Body Type: Hourglass; stacked; slender at the waist; lots of subtle muscle tone


Ring gear:
Angela Mercier ESh
Ring gear:
Angela Mercier ESi
Beach, in college:
Angela Mercier ESj
More beach:
Angela Mercier ESk
Job wear:
Angela Mercier Doctor_mercy___ow__3v__by_sciamano240-dbt1cu7
Angela Mercier ESl

> Endurance: 3* - Can take a few hits before her inexperience in combat sports shows.
> Strength: 4* - Her curves hide it, but Angela is very fit and strong.
> Speed: 2* - She is not especially agile and doesn't choose to run much.

> Defence: 2* - Does not know what to do against most wrestling styles.
> Technique: 2* - Knows very few moves, and they are what most can do.
> Strikes: 2* - Can kick and slap and knee but would rather be up close and body to body.
> Submissions 4* - The few moves she knows are mostly submissions, and she makes them very effective by using her body properly.
> Powerhouse: 3* - Can lift other women but doesn't have many go-to power moves. Can get better.
> Aerial: 1* - Does not want to go leaping around the ring.
> Counters: 3* - Pretty clever when it comes to bending her way out of submissions.

Wrestling Information:

Entrance Theme: Lindsey Stirling - Stars Align - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=55_bV4ORRFM

Strategy: Doesn't know much wrestling, so she wants to stick with what's simple, effective, and makes sense to a doctor like her. She knows she's not going to be able to do much trying to get into a battle of strikes with someone, so she just wants to take the person down and then jump on her (or him). Since it is obvious to her that even the biggest and strongest wrestlers would be too much for her in a straight fight, she tries to negate all their greatest assets by using hers - wrapping her legs around their head, smothering them, or going for other weak points with unique holds that bend them and frustrate them. With a bit of a psychological background, she realizes these things can get into their heads, too.

Preferred Matches: Most anything where the odds are evened for her, like smother matches or bondage matches.

Preferred/Signature Moves:
> Smothers: She has an ample rear and chest and will also use her feet or other body parts. Helps her to even the odds against the more talented and physically imposing.
> Scissorholds: She mostly goes for the head against opponents, since the biggest often cannot simply pry a person's legs apart. Will use bodyscissors against smaller opponents. These also go towards the unique ways she tries to bend opponents in other weak points, too, where they are less squeezing holds and more along the lines of ways to bend a foot sideways.
> Full-Weight Moves: Since she weighs more than many wrestlers in her weight range, she often tends to just go for anything that lets her squish them down to the mat, like putting a knee on their cheek and one on their back or sitting on the back of their shoulders for a lotus lock.

> Angelic Descent: A humiliating hold that does not allow for tapping. Angela climbs up a downed victim's body until she is in position to get them in a schoolgirl pin. She folds both of the opponent's hands into her legs and slides forward to sit her crotch on their faces and smother them.

Personal Information:

With a doctor father, Angela had expectations placed on her at a young age. When under her father's thumb, she appeared to be a model student who was focused on her studies and only spent time on healthy extracurricular activities like swimming. Both her brains and good looks getting her attention and assistance that helped her coast through high school without a challenge. She ended up a medical student in college like she was encouraged to be. To teach her to rely on herself, her father funded her very lightly instead of paying her way. Angela made the most of it by working as a lifeguard to fund herself and getting the favor of many a professor for her charm and hard work.

Loving to travel, she was enticed to do her internship by AFW, located in Japan. Finding out that she enjoyed working with people who actually took serious bumps in the ring, with all of them gorgeous to boot, Angela excelled and decided to stay with the company when she graduated. It was for a couple of reasonably peaceful years that she worked there, but eventually, Angela started watching the sport itself more closely. This led to a fascination, then an obsession, and then she was trying to find excuses in her office to test holds on her patients with the excuse of seeing how they had gotten hurt.

In a situation that would make Superman proud, Angela has dropped her usual glasses and well-kept ponytail to hide in plain sight and try her hand in the ring.

Personality: Angela's cohorts would have a hard time imagining her as someone to get into the ring, and her close friends might, too. Angela has all the dedication and warm bedside manner that one should expect from such a kind-looking doctor. A little spark exists inside of her, though, that has a passion for the great thrill of testing the mettle of body against body. May be a curious sadist in the making, too.

Alignment: Face who gets carried away


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