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Jessica Beauregard

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Wrestler Profile

Age: 25
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Chestnut
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Nationality: American
Alignment: Tweener
Entrance music:

Wrestling Information

Style: Agile Scrapper

Strategy: A newish wrestler, NAME fights like it. A background in martial arts gives her a cleverness and creativity to her ring antics, but blood knight tendencies tend to lead to her forgetting and simply roughousing opponents. She begins by staying upright and using her long legs for kicks, but her tactics devolve into diving into body-to-body contact and applying close-quarters submission holds once she gets a taste of the heat of a match.

Preferred Moves: Lotus Lock,

Finishing Moves:

Match Type Preferences:


Appearance: Possessing an impeccably fit, lithe figure and deep bronze skin, Jessica looks completely the part of a fitness model and a prototype combatant in the ring. An ongoing rebellious streak in her life sees her with more features beyond her sculpted body that make her stand out, with the dark hair that she keeps shaved shorter on the sides and pulled back into a ponytail or left to flop to one side or the other. Her most dressy tendencies are eyeliner, red lipstick, and occasional red nail polish.

[spoiler=Glamor on the beach][img]https://i.pinimg.com/564x/bb/33/d2/bb33d2d68d0b217a055b5458cf7b5cae.jpg</>https://i.pinimg.com/564x/9f/b7/e4/9fb7e44e59ccba85e810dd2e49e8d935.jpg

General Statistics
Endurance: ★★★★ - She hasn't crafted this body for nothing. Lots of stamina and can take a decent amount of punishment.
Strength: ★★★ - Built more for speed than strength, but still well above average.
Speed: ★★★★ - Darts around the ring with ease. Can flip and bounce.
Defence: ★★ - Can bat away strikes and sloppy takedowns, but gets overeager.
Technique: ★★★ - Generally keeps good technique, but gets overeager.

Wrestling Statistics
Strikes: ★★★★ - Her best standing offense is kicks.
Submissions: ★★★ - Quality due to flexibility and creativity.
Powerhouse:★★ - She can perform a select few, but sticks mostly to strikes and grapples.
Aerials: ★★ - Quite agile and skilled, but doesn't fly often.
Counters: ★★ - Has moments of brilliance in biting back, but rarely.

Personality: Almost hedonistic, Jessica is at the very least a wild child with passions for close combat, fitness, alcohol, and generally getting her kicks in any way imaginable. Her love for fighting is motivated as much by using her fit body to tangle with other people - a lot of them attractive, which is the finest bonus - as much as it is by victory (but victory is pretty sweet, too). Outside of the antics that interest her, Jess can be a bit mopey and crabby, but in a ring, a drinking competition, or around an attractive person, watch her eyes light up and her tone turn from disinterested to eager, intense, and flirty. Jess really has no interest in doing much but what she loves and getting paid for it.

Background: Business and profits-obsessed parents would have had Jessica Beauregard follow in their footsteps to don her best formal attire and heels. This would not be the case. Becoming irreverent towards her stuffy family attitude at a young age, Jess, who already had a tomboy nature, turned rebel in her early teens, getting her kicks out of scuffles and pranks at first and later from flings and straight-up unsanctioned brawls at clubs after she became obsessed with going in the complete opposite direction that her parents wanted; rather than fixing her hair, makeup, and wearing pretty dresses, Jess developed a fetish for building and tanning her body and getting chances to show it off or test it in martial arts, cage fights, bikini contests, or whatever opportunity she could find. She also didn't exactly fit their mold as a daughter who could be married off to some other rich businessman to form a power couple.

The only way they could get her partially under control was to pay off local law enforcement to keep an eye on her after she got in a few near-brushes with them as it was and Jessica, despite her immense hatred for her parents, was forced to tolerate this for a time until she found her out to detach from them altogether, since she had only the money from a few fights and bets keeping her afloat. As her attempts at sneaking around to rediscover the thrills of the nightlife started to turn sour, Jessica realized her attempts to escape had to get bolder.

That was when she decided she had to take her chance at the League of Anime Wrestling. Having been a longtime fan who thought it too distant a goal, Jess got to the point where she wielded her feminine wiles to get herself a plane ticket, and with it, she departed for what would be a successful rehearsal (which those in charge decided before she had even thrown her first punch, given her sculpted body).
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